Welcome to the Haiti GeoPortal. This site provides access to spatial and environmental data and mapping resources in support of scientific research, regional planning, and community mapping exercises relating to some of Haiti’s most pressing challenges: post-earthquake reconstruction, economic and social development, and environment and disaster risk management. Hosted and managed by the Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN), the portal is part of the broader Haiti Research and Policy Program at the Earth Institute at Columbia University.

The GeoPortal features three key map and data resources:

An online Interactive Map of Haiti's Southwest Coast

The map can display data showing different development indicators, such as food security, health, and education levels, in the south of Haiti.

Map Gallery

A series of downloadable maps based on data sets available from CIESIN.  Socio-economic, geo-physical and environmental data are included.

Data Animations

Several different visualizations of both spatial data and rainfall data are presented, which help visualize the intersection between human settlements and flood exposure across the watershed.