Planning Documents Special Collection

PLAN | Aquin, Plan de Developpement Communal d'Aquin

This report is the plan for the commune of Aquin, prepared by the Fonds d'Assistance Economique et Sociale (FAES) in May 2008.

PLAN | Port a Piment, Developpement de la Commune de Port-a-Piment

This document is a local development plan produced by the commune of Port-a-Piment in 2007. It is one of the reports collected and scanned by CSUD in 2012 in an effort to make these documents available online.

PLAN | Port Salut, Le Plan d'Amenagement et d'Extension de la Commune de Port Salut

This document is a local planning document for the area and commune of Port Salut.  It was written by the Ministry of Tourism in August 2009. 

South Department Planning Documents Bibliography

This bibliography lists the documents that were identified by the Center on Sustainable Urban Development (CSUD) as part of the collaboration in 2012.  It lists all the documents collected pertaining to planning in the South Department.

Author(s): Sophonie Joseph and Jackie Klopp