Map and Data Resources

Haiti GeoPortal at CIESIN include:


An online interactive map of Haiti's Southwest Coast

The map can display data showing different development indicators, such as food security, health and education levels, in the south of Haiti. 


Map Gallery

A series of downloadable maps based on data sets available from CIESIN.  Socio-Economic, geo-physical and physical environmental data are included.


Data Animations

Several different visualizations of both spatial data and rainfall data are presented, which help visualize the intersection between human settlements and flood exposure across the watershed.


Additional Data Resources:

EI Weather Stations

Since 2011, the Earth Institute has been monitoring weather conditions at two weather stations in the Port-à-Piment watershed in southwest Haiti. The two weather stations, located at high elevation (Randel) and low elevation (Port-à-Piment), provide information on precipitation, wind speed and velocity, temperature, and humidity. Information is available for download for each monitoring stations on the respective Web sites.

Randel Weather Station

Port-à-Piment Weather Station:

- Data from April 2010- May 2013

- Data from August to present